How far are you with your 38000 Euro loan? The planning is already completed, you would like to select and apply for the provider directly? Or is your credit, 38000 euro loan amount, still at the beginning.

You are right here in any case. Take advantage of the embedded market-leading comparison for comparing interest rates and applying. In addition, the following text will help you get your loan as easily and inexpensively as possible.

We also invite you to compare your loan with us. In the example we compare “free credit”, with 84 months maturity (7 years).

38000 Euro Credit – Acquisition Loan

38000 Euro Credit - Acquisition Loan

High credit, 38,000 euros is already a penny, most of the applicants for larger purchases. The purchase of a car would be typical for a loan of 38,000 euros, but so would the renovation of the home. In both cases, the reason for the credit “conjures up a smile on the face of the banker. Both the vehicle and the home are high-quality assets.

Both secure the loan, up to the amount of the mortgage lending value, against loan default. Thus already the credit reason creates one of the most important prerequisites of each loan approval. The credit check proves the “secure” lending. So high credit even with a slightly weaker score, is acceptable. More exactly, the bank only looks at the installment payment ability.

Checking the ability to pay – that’s how easy it is

Checking the ability to pay - that

The focus of the review of safe repayment ability is earned income. In addition, the regular expenses as well as the income security. For credit, 38000 euros with a long term, this means a permanent employment contract is required.

Moreover, the bank expects credit at 38,000 euros, that the “budget surplus” proves the “installment payment ability”. Moreover, that a sufficiently high attachable income share is detectable. (Problem with high credit with children).

Credit, 38000 euros – debt

Credit, 38000 euros - debt

Credit for long-term value-added goods, for example the old loan from the construction industry, can easily be repaid. As a rule, the value of the property has even increased. It is more difficult when rescheduling the closing rate of the car loan. Especially if the collection, credit card debt and other liabilities are also equalized.

The required credit, 38,000 euros for rescheduling, must be visibly secured by the personal credit rating. Because, the vehicle loses value every day. After about 10 years, it only represents the value of the scrap metal. In order for lending to work smoothly, the good score – a rating ‘A’ – is the prerequisite. In most cases, a second applicant is also desired.

It is easier to find the right provider, if the personal values ​​are known about self-disclosure. In addition, equal to the application with two people, avoids time delays.

Use professional benefits – special offers

Use professional benefits - special offers

“Most trustworthy borrowers” are “civil servants” and “civil servants”. The good reputation through the career choice can facilitate the granting of credit, 38,000 euros with 84 months, for example. In the credit comparison creditend preferred loan and the loan of the SAH (general official bank) would be good interest-favorable examples.

A little lower interest at 38000 Euro credit, 7 years term, in the current comparison is the Kumertbank, a product of creditend and the LOE Bank. For granted credit customers pay in the loan example according to AWD 4.44 percent APR. Thus, the monthly rate, starting from credit, 38000 euros with 84 months duration, only 525.60 euros.

Thus, to the credit balance after 84 monthly installments 44,150.12 euros total repayment. The bottom line is that the borrower incurs a total of € 6,150.12 in borrowing costs.

Find credit suitable for creditworthiness

Find credit suitable for creditworthiness

The loan example according to AWD shows the conditions under which at least 66 percent of all customers of the bank exercise the settlement offer. This interest rate is thus the yardstick to compare 38000 euro loan in this case, meaningful.

At the same time, it shows which target group the bank would like to address in particular. If the interest rate according to AWD is high, such as Essence Bank’s € 38,000 loan, the bank assumes higher risks. If it is low, for example for Intrasavings Bank’s loan of 38,000 euros, the bank is looking for an excellent credit rating.

Against this backdrop, the AWD credit example does not just show at a glance what the cheapest deal is. (By the way, at 84 months of maturity, Intrasavings Bank Kredit). But it also points the way to personally cheapest 38000 euro credit.

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